Are your CeMAP past papers up to date?

When preparing for the CeMAP exams, many students like and need to practice on past paper questions.  During quality CeMAP training, there should be plenty of opportunity for you to practice the exam questions and to learn the techniques but do be careful when using past exam papers especially those bought from others who took their CeMAP exams some time before you or purchased from the likes of eBAY.

The FSA updates its rules and regulations on an ongoing basis as many will know from the recent high-profile stories in the media about how the FSA may ban self certification mortgages or limit the loan to income ratios, as well as the usual changes in tax and updates on new mortgage products.

It would not make sense to alter the CeMAP syllabus so often so the ifs School of Finance updates the syllabus twice a year.  They do not keep a mailing list to send these updates to, so a reputable CeMAP training provider or provider of any other training courses in the financial industry, such as CeRER or CeFA training, has to be pro-active and request the updates syllabus as soon as it is available.  The course materials must then be updated.  Many financial training providers do this, however, there is a lot of hard work involved and to be thorough, they really should go through all the past paper questions they are using in their courses and update the answers or remove questions that are no longer applicable to avoid confusing students.

If you are unfortunate enough to be using past papers that are no longer applicable, then it is confusing, makes study more difficult and can even result in failing the CeMAP exams.

Posted by Louisa
May 17, 2009
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