Two-year fixed rate deals could be a danger to borrowers

Although two-year fixed rate mortgage deals are among the most popular, some experts believe that they could place homeowners in (more…)

Why a mortgage advisor is the best first step in the process

According to a recent survey, almost 10% of first-time buyers said that they would never go through the process of obtaining a (more…)

Paperless mortgage fails to create a storm among lenders

Following the launch of the new paperless mortgage process by NatWest, other high street lenders have shown less enthusiasm for the (more…)

Lending for second charge mortgages rises

The market for second charge mortgages has increased by more than a quarter, in comparison to the same period in 2016.

The latest report to (more…)

Is now the time to cut your mortgage costs?

Homeowners are being advised to review their mortgages as two factors come into play.

Initially, the lenders are competing to draw in as much competition as possible before the year end, and secondly, the Bank of England base rate is expected to rise in the near future, which could mean that mortgage rates will increase.

Although experts believe that the initial increase in base rates will be small, it will be the first in over a decade, and mortgage deals will also see an increase in rates. Borrowers who are on tracker deals, and deals with a variable rate will feel the immediate effects of an increase in interest rates.

One homeowner, Andy Moody, made the decision to fix his interest rate for five years, moving from interest of 2.35% to a new deal at 1.64% with Bank of Cyprus UK. Moody decided that he wanted some financial certainty as interest rates were likely to rise. However, Moody will pay slightly more each month, as he has been able to reduce his mortgage term to 25 years from 30. In addition, he also has a buy-to-let property on a fixed rate deal which is due to end, and is considering another deal to secure interest rates for a fixed period.

During the period with some of the lowest interest rate deals, it has been possible to secure a fixed rate for five years at 2%, and 10-year deals at slightly more. Mortgage advisors spend time with a CeMAP training company, so they can offer support to home buyers.

Can your mortgage application be affected by your credit cards?

Various factors can have a bearing on your mortgage application in that they affect your credit report, including your spending habits, amount owed on (more…)

Fewer millennials stepping onto property ladder

During the last three months, the only bracket of people to experience an increase property transactions has been those in the (more…)

More grandparents helping millennials onto property ladder

According to a new study, children are twice as likely to be offered financial help by their grandparents as they are by their (more…)

One week sees interest rates raised by ten lenders

Mortgage rates have been increased by ten lenders during a seven-day period, as they anticipate the Bank of England raising the (more…)

Paperless mortgage process launched by NatWest

NatWest has started offering a 100% paperless online mortgage service.

The bank is the (more…)

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