Are you eligible for SMI?

Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) is a benefit which can be paid to support homeowners. However, it is not well known among many homeowners, and very few people would know whether they were eligible or how to make a claim.

If a homeowner is (more…)

Common misconceptions of equity release

Equity release is commonly misunderstood by many people, with a number of myths. However, since 2007, when the government designed Lifetime Mortgages as part of the regulation of equity release, this has proved to be a solution for homeowners who need (more…)

Pensioner splits dream home in two

A pensioner who didn’t want to move out of his dream home, decided to split it into two properties instead.

Ken Hill, aged 82 years old, had bought the house in 1975, for just (more…)

Top end homes sell for less than asking price

Research shows that in order to secure a sale, owners of top end homes have to reduce the asking price by around £250,000.

The study, by EstateAgent4Me, shows that homes which are selling for (more…)

Experts predict the impact of the coming rate rise

The Bank of England recently decided to leave the current base rate alone, which meant that millions of homeowners could relax, knowing that their mortgage repayments wouldn’t increase immediately. However, experts are warning that rises in interest rates are coming soon, and homeowners could be left with much higher payments.

The current Bank of England base rate of (more…)

Lenders report lowest number of mortgage arrears

Mortgage arrears are now at their lowest levels for the last 23 years, according to lenders.

A recent report compiled by UK Finance has revealed that (more…)

High street lender shuns professional sports people

Professional athletes will no longer be able to secure a mortgage from TSB, as it becomes the first major lender to refuse to offer mortgages to sports people.

According to a report from Which?, a TSB spokesperson told the organisation that only (more…)

Decline in house price growth triggers talk of property crash

Experts claim that a UK property crash is likely, as house price growth comes to a standstill.

According to recent data from (more…)

Preparations for being a first-time buyer

It’s always exciting to buy your first house, but it can be daunting too. Taking steps now to prepare for buying your (more…)

What are the funding options for an interest only mortgage?

Around 20% of UK homeowners have an interest only mortgage, with many of them not having a plan to repay the outstanding debt at the end of the term.

An interest only mortgage allows the (more…)

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