The New CeMAP Syllabus

Every year the CeMAP syllabus changes and is updated to take into account all the law changes that evolve year on year. It is therefore important that you are made aware of these changes. Qualified mortgage advisers always have to keep themselves up to date with changes in the mortgage industry.

How vital are these changes ?

Is CeMAP training at home for you?

In our recent article, we discussed the growing availability of CeMAP training at home and in the classroom and how demand in this area is expected to surge. This increase in demand makes it all the more important that you choose the best CeMAP training for you. Is CeMAP training at home for you?

With any form of distance learning, a major (more…)

Does the course follow the syllabus?

When you are looking at CeMAP training, CeFA courses or studying for the CeRER exam, whatever the course may be, then it is important that you find a training company that is experienced in getting delegates through these exams.

Every course should follow the syllabus and should have been put together with the latest syllabus in mind.  In the case of CeMAP, CeRER or CeFA this is (more…)

How often is the CeMAP training syllabus updated?

We wrote last week about ensuring that your CeMAP pass papers were up to date when preparing for CeMAP exam, as it’s important when undertaking your CeMAP training that you’re working off the most up to date source. There’s little advantage to working from out of date pass papers that were acquired from sources such as eBay if the information contained in the papers is inaccurate or out of date, as when you come to sit your CeMAP exam you’ll find that the information you have been working with no longer applies.

With this in mind it’s important to know just how often the CeMAP syllabus is (more…)

CeFA and CeMAP courses out of date on eBay

Buying CeFA or CeMAP courses on eBay may appear a cheap option, however they are often a waste of time and more importantly, often breaching copyright laws. Indeed, we have written about courses on eBay before.

If a full time CeMAP or CeFA training course is out of the question for you then studying from home or ‘distance learning’ is an alternative that many prefer. There are some excellent training packages available that you can access and study online, and they are relatively inexpensive.

Cheap CeMAP courses on eBay are usually outdated. The ifs (Institute of Financial Services) updates all its syllabuses twice a year and (more…)

Passing the CeMAP exams

One of the common questions that we see from potential CeMAP delegates looking to become a mortgage advisor either through a full time CeMAP training course or even a distance learning home study course is what it actually takes to become a CeMAP (Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice) qualified mortgage advisor and what is the likelihood that they have what it takes to pass the three CeMAP exams.

There is little doubt that no matter what route you choose to study for the CeMAP exams, it will take focus, hard work and dedication as well as a real desire to succeed. Some people are academically gifted and find exams relatively easy and yet, observing the typical group of ten delegates on our CeMAP training courses the range of abilities and the difference in their past work experience is vast. Some come from having worked within the financial services industry already, some have no experience whatsoever but the one thing they have in common is the desire to become a mortgage advisor.

It is no easy task for (more…)

FSA to tighten mortgage rules

The mortgage regulator for the UK, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) is set to tighten the rules in the mortgages market following the abysmal financial crisis that has gripped the globe in the past twelve months.  It was inevitable that this should happen at some point in order to help prevent this sort of crisis in the future, so what exactly does the FSA have in mind?

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has (more…)

Adding council mortgages to CeMAP syllabus

Those who wish to become mortgage advisors need to take their CeMAP training first, and within the CeMAP syllabus delegates learn about all the different sources of mortgages available to those in the UK and the process of purchasing a property.

The purchasing process is slightly different for those taking the (more…)

What happens when the CeMAP syllabus changes?

CeMAP delegates would be forgiven for thinking that the CeMAP syllabus would be likely to change in accordance with legislative updates, however, the syllabus actually changes on an academic basis and so it usually changes annually in September and this is when the CeMAP exams also change.

The one exception to this was in 2006 when the new pensions regulation was introduced in April.  Pension products are covered within the CeMAP syllabus and so as the changes were quite large ones, the CeMAP exams and CeMAP training were changed in the April of that year also, meaning there were actually two updates in 2006.

The next CeMAP training change is due in September of this year.  As with any year, the changes are made to reflect legislative changes affecting the exam, including taxation changes, pension changes and any other relevant information.

As many (more…)

Mortgagee or mortgagor?

When you are preparing for your CeMAP exam, there is a lot of jargon you need to familiarise yourself with, particularly if you are not from a mortgage background.  Often, people who want to study for the CeMAP qualification themselves are wanting to show initiative in order to get into the financial services industry or sometimes they work in the back office, perhaps doing administration (more…)

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There are plenty of firms offering CeMAP® training in the UK, but the vast majority of their trainers have no teaching qualifications or experience. Isn’t that a bit of a concern, especially when some of them are charging over £1,000 per course???

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