CeMAP 1 exam format

The CeMAP 1 exam is often the one that people choose to take first, although it is arguably for most people the most difficult of the three exams.  This is generally considered to be because the exam covers all sorts of areas within the financial industry, such as pensions and tax, as well as mortgages.

Those taking CeMAP training are usually most interested in mortgages and so they can find some areas of the CeMAP 1 syllabus to be a little dry.  We all learn faster and find it easier to learn when we are interested in the subject so don’t be surprised if you find at least one small area of CeMAP 1 a little more difficult to learn.  This is where it helps if you have other people to ‘bounce off’.

The CeMAP 1 exam is in a multiple choice format.  For each question, there are four possible answers with only one correct answer.  Within our CeMAP training, we teach various methods to help locate the correct answer if you are unsure and we find this helps most delegates to pick up one or two extra points that can make the different between pass and fail.

There are two units in CeMAP 1, each of which consists of 50 questions and there is one hour for each unit.  Time is never a problem as you will quickly discover.

Both units must be passed to get an overall CeMAP 1 pass so you must get 35 of the 50 questions correct (70 percent).  If you do fail one unit, you only need to resit that one, not both.


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