What type of house should I live in?

What kind of home is right for me?

Want to know what type of house would best suit you? Play our quiz to find out.

Preparing to mount the property ladder or looking for a change of scenery? There’s more to consider than shifting house prices and the potential for horrible neighbours. Take the quiz and find out what sort of home you’re best suited to.

  1. How often do you like to entertain guests?

  2. What sort of animal is your ideal pet?

  3. Which of these activities would you choose?

  4. How would you prefer to travel to work?

  5. Which of these is your dream role?

  6. Which of these tasks is the most important in a post-apocalyptic world?

  7. Who will you be living with?

  8. Which of these world cities is best for a family holiday?

  9. Which of these is your idea of a perfect date?

  10. Which of these is your first consideration when looking for a home?

  11. What is your idea of a great view?

  12. How much does noise bother you?

  13. Which of these is your favourite food?

  14. What is your favourite boardgame?

  15. Which of these is your favourite TV show?

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