The Times newspaper reported this week that 445 mortgage deals were removed from the market as mortgage lenders cut the number of mortgage deals on offer.

Apparently, this exodus of mortgage deals is partly caused as the government announced the delay of a long-anticipated report on the turmoil of the mortgage market, in which they are expecting to see some solid recommendations for how to handle this.

Although this 445 mortgage deals have been removed from the market, there are still around 3,500 mortgage deals remaining – not an insubstantial amount but obviously all different types of deals, interest rates and loan-to-value ratios, so not all suitable for everybody.

As the mortgage market is moving so amazingly quickly at the moment, it is still important to use a mortgage broker not only to find the mortgage deal right for your personal circumstances but to make sure you get your application in before the deal changes or is pulled!

The skills of a mortgage advisor have never been so important.

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