Mortgage advisors are a strange breed, we find.  Highly intelligent (of course), interested in ensuring financial stability and great communicators, but they can also be very difficult to buy for at Christmas.

In the current financial climate, some mortgage advisors are having to look around for ways to diversify their income and those that have already done so are doing very well.

One Christmas gift you could consider then is either a gift certificate or money towards taking their CeFA training or a CeRER course.  The CeFA exam is the certificate required to become a financial advisor and the CeRER certificate is what is required for a mortgage advisor to give advice on equity releases.

As the UK has an ageing population, the CeRER training is becoming particularly popular as the older generation tend to have bought their home before the house price boom.  They aren’t suffering as much from the current economic crisis as they have plenty of equity in their home, but they are still feeling the effects of the credit crunch in other ways so releasing equity from their homes is something many are looking to do.

So, why not give the gift of a new form of income to your mortgage advisor friend or indeed anybody interested in working in this field?

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