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If you have been looking and researching different training companies who offer CeMAP training,  you may be wondering why you should choose us and not a different company.

Obviously, we think we are the best and we can back that up with evidence from all the companies that we do training for and we can provide countless references and recommendations from many different sources but there are other reasons why you should book with us and which differentiates us from the competition.

The issues that you need to think about are:  


1.  Value for Money

Our training courses in the areas we offer training are the cheapest we know about. In fact, if you find a CeMAP training course from a company that is registered with the examination body, that offers training in the areas we deliver that is cheaper than ours, we will match that and also knock a further 10% off that price!!!


2.  Training Materials

Unlike some other companies, we use our own tailor made training materials that we have written. I have personally been delivering CeMAP training since 2004 when CeMAP became a compulsory element for mortgage advisers. Over the years, I have developed, devised and amended these materials which are designed to make the tearning more accessible for students. Our training materials are considered to be so effective, that other training companies pay us to use these materials for themselves. 


3.  Course Viability Numbers

One of the other issues you should concern yourselves with when looking to book a classroom course is whether the courses are guaranteed to run. Many companies need sometimes 6 or 7 people on them to be commercially viable. If you’re booking time off work then you want to be sure that the course is going to run.

We guarantee that all our courses will run, even if its just you on the course! How can we do this? Well, as we are a smaller company that delivers all its training without outsourcing to other trainers and as we use venues which are cheaper and better value, we can at least break even by running the course with just one person on it, so yes, our courses are guaranteed to run!


4.  Course Size

Another importnat question that you need to ask is “how many other people will be on the course itself?”  This is a really important question. If you’re paying a substantial amount of money as you will be, we believe the group size per course should be no more than 16. We limit our class sizes to this maximum. Do other companies have the same policy as this?


5.  Course Re-sit Guarantee

Another claim that you may hear from other companies is, “if you fail, you can come back free of charge” . Yes, we offer that as well except ours is for an unlimited period  and for as often as you like. Other companies by and large, don’t actually offer this, they will have terms and conditions that say, you can come back once and only if you inform us within a few weeks.


6.  Course Location

We use venues and locations which are accessible to our students. Many other providers use expensive venues in the middle of cities which for many people can be hard to get to by car and parking can also become expensive. Feedback has told us that people prefer venues that are easier to get to and comes with free parking. Therefore, all our venues will be accessible via the road network close to motorways and will also come with free parking.


 7.  Flexibility of your booking

If you book with us and then are unable to attend a course for wahtever reason, we will allow you to transfer your booking to another course free of charge. A lot of companies will charge you extra to do this in all cases. You have a guarantee from us that we won’t. We understand that circumstamces, personal or work related may get in the way and you need to transfer the course date, which is fine with us.


8.  Guaranteed Interview 

Due to the fact that we deliver training for a number of companies in our area, many of them come to us and ask us for help in meeting their recruitment needs. Therefore, we have been able  to offer to anyone who books CeMAP training with us, a guaranteed interview with a firm looking to take on newly CeMAP qualified individuals – starting salaries around £29,000 plus bonuses on top. No firm can guarantee you a job, but we can guarantee an introduction to these firms – after that its up to you!!!


9.  Qualified Teachers 

The very least you would expect when booking a CeMAP training course is that the trainer is qualified to deliver the subject. But are they qualified to teach??? CeMAP is an academic exercise and therefore we insist that all our trainers are not only CeMAP qualified but also hold a recognised teaching qualification. The concepts in CeMAP are at times difficult to understand and we think that the person delivering the course needs to be an expert nit just academically but also in delivering, teaching, tutoring etc. CeMAP training shouldn’t be an exercise in reading a power point presentation and at Beacon that certainly isn’t the case!!! 


10.  A small company

Yes, we are a small company and we’re proud of it! We don’t offer courses all over the country. We are based in the north west of England close to both Manchester and Liverpool and we offer classroom courses in the Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds area, the M62 corridor! How is that an advantage? its all about quality control, value for money and accountability – because we are a small company we can guarantee that you can get the best training for a decent price and can offer post course support as well.


Important note: The training course fees do not include the registration fees which are payable to the London Institute for Banking and Finance (LIBF) which you will need to pay in order to sit the exams. These are £180 per exam. Their telephone number is 01227 818609 or you can visit them online at www.libf.com  



Brendan O'Neill

Brendan O'Neill


Creation, design, and delivery of CeMAP and CeRER training courses to enable individuals to pass the regulatory exams necessary to be a mortgage/financial adviser.
I do this for both individuals and financial organisations. Many high street banks and building societies use my services exclusively for this purpose

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There are plenty of firms offering CeMAP® training in the UK, but the vast majority of their trainers have no teaching qualifications or experience. Isn’t that a bit of a concern, especially when some of them are charging over £1,000 per course?

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