Although you can study online at home for the CeMAP exam, there are several advantages to taking a full-time intensive course in Manchester.
Manchester is a thriving city with a prosperous economy. Many large companies have set up offices here, which has fuelled a large demand by workers for residential accommodation. There are plenty of mortgage advisors in the city helping people into property, and if you want to be one of them, you will first need a CeMAP qualification.

Online study

If you are working and cannot get time off for full-time CeMAP training, you can take an online course. If you take a Beacon Financial Training Home Study course, you also have the option of a tutor who can assess your progress and help you study. You need to be motivated and be prepared to study hard, but you can work at your own pace. It’s an excellent option for some as long as you understand it could take a while to be fully prepared for the CeMAP exam.

Full-time CeMAP training courses

The ideal way to study for the CeMAP qualification is taking a full-time intensive course. At Beacon Training, there are two sections to this – a 5-day course covering CeMAP module 1, and another where you learn modules 2 and 3. Manchester, being the property hub that it is, is the ideal backdrop for your studies and no doubt you will learn simply from being in and around the city.

The advantage of full-time training is that it takes less time to study. There are 10 days of training and provided that you do revision work, you can be entered for the CeMAP exam within a few weeks of starting training.

The pass rate for full-time students is higher than for that of a part-time course. Although the fees are greater, because you have a better chance of passing the CeMAP exam, it could save you money. If you fail the exam, you can resit it for a fee of £140 per module.

In the classroom, students benefit from face-to-face interaction with the tutor and other students. Should there be anything you are not sure of, you can ask your tutor.

Parts of the CeMAP course involve roleplaying the mortgage advisor and their client, which is great practice for understanding what is involved in the job of a mortgage advisor. You will be able to play the role of both the advisor and their client, and also observe other students’ roleplay. Tutors and students can critique the performance of the “mortgage advisors” and this valuable feedback helps improve your knowledge.

A Beacon Financial Training CeMAP course classroom is a supportive environment led by an experienced and qualified tutor. Students and tutors collaborate in a teamwork situation, and this develops vital skills needed by a CeMAP qualified mortgage professional.

Further information

We understand that circumstances mean not everyone is able to attend a full-time intensive CeMAP course at Beacon Financial Training, so if you have determination and are prepared to spend time studying, a CeMAP Home Study online course is the next best thing to a full-time course.

For advice and further information, and to book a CeMAP course, contact Beacon Financial Training.

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  1. Dear Beacon team,
    As a redundant Airline pilot in 2020 I started to self study for Cemap exams during lockdown .
    I passed Cemap 1 but have to resit a section of Cemap 2 & pass 3 , both resits are paid for with on my Libf account..
    Are you able to help and coach me through these
    Resits and prepare me for CAS and work role of Advising clients?

    1. Hi Jeff, yes we can help coach you through resits. Please give us a call and speak with Brendan to discuss. Thanks

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