Throughout this site, we discuss the different syllabuses on both CeMAP and CeFA exams and the different units involved in each.

To acquire the CeMAP qualification, there are three separate units to pass: CeMAP 1, 2 and 3.  To acquire the CeFA qualification, there are four units to pass, aptly named CeFA 1, 2, 3 and 4.

CeMAP 1 and CeFA 1 are in actual fact the same exam with exactly the same study material.  This is why on our Booking page, you will see these courses listed as the same dates in the same locations.

It is quite a strange concept for people to understand because it isn’t one seen on other courses, but CeMAP 1 or CeFA 1, however you choose to call it, is the ‘general knowledge’ part of the financial industry where you learn about the role of the Bank of England, general information about how financial institutions work, and the basics of pension, tax, insurance and more.

For this reason, some people who specifically want to be mortgage advisors may find some of the material difficult.  This is not because it is hard to understand but because parts of the syllabus do not interest them as much as the mortgage side.  We all find it easier to learn when we are truly interested in the subject.

On the other hand, if you were to attend a training course for CeMAP 1 and take the exam in the name of CeMAP 1 and decide you actually want to become a financial advisor then that exam will still count towards the CeFA qualification because they are interchangeable.  Similarly, if you take the exam as CeFA 1 and decide you actually want to become a mortgage advisor, then you can take CeMAP 2 and 3 and count CeFA 1 as your CeMAP 1.

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