Is your personality a match for practicing mortgage advice?

If you’ve been looking into getting your Certificate of Mortgage and Practice (CeMAP) so you can start a new career as a mortgage broker, you’ll likely have seen the skills you’ll need to succeed. From expert customer service abilities and the ability to comprehend complex content to

Are there different ways to take CeMAP learning courses?

The Certificate of Mortgage and Practice, also referred to as CeMAP, was devised to provide those looking to professionally provide mortgage advice with the knowledge and skills they need. It was also created to provide adequate certification for UK regulators, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which requires

How can mortgage advisors be more environmentally friendly?

Finding ways to stand out in a competitive market is crucial, and one way for an advisor to do that is to show concern for social issues. Climate change is one such issue that many customers are increasingly conscious of, so how can mortgage advisors cut their