Passing the CeMAP exam isn’t the end of the road as far as learning goes, it’s just the beginning; as once you’ve passed you’re on your way to becoming your own boss and working for yourself as a mortgage advisor – if that’s what you want. However, working for yourself requires discipline, dedication and resourcefulness. Not everyone is cut out to be their own boss.

Here are six things to consider before you look to become your own boss after CeMAP training:

You’ll need to enjoy your work
If you’re going to be motivating yourself to work, as opposed to having someone driving you with targets, you’ll need to enjoy your work and have a passion for it.

Dedication, dedication, dedication!
To make your business work you’ll need to work at it, battling against any obstacles that come your way. Do you have the dedication and commitment required to keep fighting on if things don’t go the way you’d hope? Starting a business can be a long and tiresome process, so you’ll need to driven to succeed.

Understand the risks
Becoming your own boss and working for yourself comes with great rewards if it all goes to plan, but are you aware of the risks? You’ll need to be sure that you know what to do should things go wrong, and be aware of exactly what you’re risking.

Starting your own business can be very frustrating, and building a client base takes time. Are you patient enough to wait it out?

Be flexible
Business trends can change, and demands for your business can go up as well as down. You’ll need to be able to adapt accordingly.

Your family
As starting your own business can take time, it may be some months before you see any financial reward for your hard efforts. Are your family aware of this? Are they willing to back you and support you through the first few difficult months?

If after reading all of this you’re still thinking of becoming a mortgage advisor and taking your CeMAP exam, you could be well on your way to working for yourself and being your own boss.

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