When you are looking to become a mortgage advisor, you may consider buying old CeMAP course materials or CeMAP revision notes on eBay.  However, beware this could be a serious waste of money.

The Institute of Financial Services (ifs) changes the CeMAP course syllabus on a bi-annual basis.  Therefore, if you are considering buying old CeMAP course materials, revision notes or even past papers on eBay, they are more than likely out of date.

When you register for the CeMAP exams with the ifs, you will be sent a CeMAP folder, containing the latest notes, however, these are notoriously difficult to study from – hence the existence of many CeMAP training companies!

Whether you are considering home study or attending a CeMAP course, a CeMAP training company will have ensured that not only are their course materials up to date, but that the answers to any past papers they may use or revision notes they may give out, are also updated.  A five-day CeMAP training course can be a great way to become a mortgage advisor quickly.

When selecting a CeMAP training course, check that the study groups are no more than 10 – 12 people to ensure an optimum student to tutor ratio.  The courses are focused, intensive and more importantly, they prepare the students for the three exams that make up the complete CeMAP qualification: CeMAP 1, CeMAP 2 and CeMAP 3.  It is important that students are shown how to interpret the questions set in the paper and how to tackle them.

There are many companies running CeMAP courses in London, but there should be courses close to you in cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, amongst others.

The CeMAP courses have the advantage that they help people from a diverse range of backgrounds, abilities and knowledge, reach the same level of knowledge by the end of the week.  Many students are new to the mortgage industry and even more have not sat exams for many years.  A good CeMAP training company will teach you and give mock exam questions every day.  This helps delegates to learn the content, but also to learn the exam techniques.  Strengths and weaknesses are identified each day to spot the areas that need extra tuition through the week.

Not only do students need to absorb the course content to pass the exams at the pass rate of 70%, but they must learn the exam techniques.  This sort of system ensures a high pass rate for students, helping hundreds to pass their CeMAP every month.

When you select a CeMAP training company, be sure that you are getting a training company and not just a two day revision course or a self-study revision course that comes without tutor support.  In our opinion, a home study course without tutor support is insufficient.

In addition, there are some unscrupulous companies out there whose aim is simply to tempt individuals with a cheap CeMAP training course that then leads them into paying £5,000 or even more to recruit them into their mortgage business or mortgage franchise organisation as mortgage advisors.

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