73 year old bank robber wanted to pay his mortgage

A 73 year old bank robber said he only did it because he wanted the money to pay off his mortgage.

Times are tough for anyone, but robbing a bank to pay off your mortgage is certainly not recommended. That didn’t stop one pensioner in Florida from raiding three banks in order to get enough money together to pay his mortgage off.

The Florida pensioner admitted his crimes, but said that he had intended to pay the money back.

He walked into three separate banks in Tampa during the months of January and February this year, unarmed, and passed a note to the cashier saying that he was robbing the bank and demanding six $100 notes.

The story might be amusing upon reading the brief summary, but there are people all over the UK, America and elsewhere in the world that are struggling to repay their mortgage – and all too aware that if they do not keep up their monthly repayments then they are at risk of losing their home.

In this situation, it is important to talk to your bank straight away and see how they can help. Perhaps you can switch to a different deal, take advantage of payment holidays if they are due, or come to an agreement to go interest-only whilst you get back on your feet.

For those who cannot afford for interest rates to rise much, it is important to speak to a mortgage advisor and see if there is a better fixed-rate deal you can apply for, before interest rates increase – but certainly don’t rob a bank.



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