Adopt the right study approach to ensure success

Once you have made a decision as to the direction of your career path, it is important to fully understand the steps you need to take to achieve success. For those wishing to work as a mortgage advisor, there is specific training that must be completed and the CeMAP professional qualification obtained.

This is a requirement of the Financial Conduct Authority, in order to comply with the regulation in place to ensure that borrowers receive honest and transparent advice, and that lenders continue to lend responsibly.

The CeMAP qualification should not be taken lightly. There is a detailed syllabus that covers all aspects of the mortgage industry, from its history and the regulation that envelopes the sector to the choices available to borrowers, along with accompanying information to enable a qualified professional to best advise their customers.

Whilst some people proactively pay for their own training, most employers cover the cost to ensure their employees are compliant within their role. In order to be successful in your role, you will want to complete the training and attain the qualification, ideally at your first attempt. Getting a structured study plan in place will enable you to cover all subject matter and complete some test papers prior to the official exam.

Adopt the right mind-set

Approaching your study plan in the right frame of mind helps you to study smarter. Think positively, believe in yourself, and never compare yourself to others, as we are all different and everyone approaches obstacles in their own way.

Create a suitable study environment

Again, this will be dependent on the individual and their personal taste. Generally, it will be somewhere fairly quiet. Some people like gentle background music whilst studying, but others prefer complete silence. Keep the area free from distractions such as TVs and phones, and the potential interruptions for friends and family. Drawing up a study plan to support your learning helps you and others respect the times when you should not be disturbed.

Be prepared

Your plan will provide the structure for when you are going to sit down and study, so make sure you have everything you need. Be sure to have a pen and pad for notes, study material, drink, and music if you like it in the background. Being ready to hit the ground running at the very start of your study period means you can maximise the allocated time, and not waste it looking for the items you need.


Having worked your way through a particular module, making notes and highlighting areas of focus, call on your friends and family for added support. Get them to test and validate your learning with practice papers, or get them to make up their own questions. As you progress through the syllabus, your confidence will receive a boost as you acknowledge how much you have learnt.

Lastly, don’t forget to take regular breaks, keep yourself hydrated to maximise brain function, and believe in yourself. A bit of hard work and determination will guide and support you as you work through the study material, before sitting the end exam and taking another step towards realising your goal of becoming a mortgage advisor.



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