Benefits to online home study

Recently, Beacon Financial Training moved their CeMAP and CeFA home study courses online and were surprised at the response.  Distance learning has often been popular with potential delegates because not everyone is lucky enough to be able to take the time out to study a full time CeFA or CeMAP training course, but the method of home study is important too.

Some of the benefits to online home study include:

  • Easy access to CeFA or CeMAP training course material from anywhere in the world, whether the student is at home, at work or even on holiday, without having to carry heavy manuals with them
  • Revision at home is made simpler because a student can search online training material easily
  • Many CeFA and CeMAP students nowadays feel more comfortable reading from a laptop or computer screen than working off paper
  • Paper manuals can easily become lost, incurring additional costs for reprints of the materials.  Online material can be accessed easily and if the password is lost, then the training course provider can re-send the password
  • Many delegates feel the units are easy to work through as they are organised in a list on screen.  Feedback has shown that the large manuals appeared quite daunting

It seems that doing the CeFA or CeMAP training online from home is proving even more popular than first thought.



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