Which is the best way to study for the CeMAP exam?

There are three ways to prepare for the CeMAP exam – going it alone, online learning and attending a class – but which is the best option?

Going it alone

There is nothing to stop you taking a CeMAP exam without going on a CeMAP training course, but this is not advisable. It is unlikely that you will pass the exam just by reading or studying a textbook.

Without a tutor to monitor and help you progress, you are at a disadvantage. A tutor will make sure that you only take the exam when you are ready and there is a very good chance of passing.

It can be cheaper to go it alone and not purchase a course, but every time you fail the exam, there are resit fees.

Online learning

Online learning is a flexible option. If you have commitments to your work or family and cannot take time off to attend a course in person, online learning is an option. You can study at your own pace to work around your obligations.

Beacon Financial Training teaches CeMAP in two five-day courses at various major cities. If you cannot make any of these dates or locations, distance learning is a good option.

You learn on an online platform which can be accessed with a computer or tablet. This means that you can learn anywhere – during your lunch break, on holiday, or wherever and when you have access to the internet.

Once you sign up for a distance learning course, when you start and how long the course takes are up to you and your schedule.

Learning can be done with or without a tutor, but a tutor is recommended as they provide valuable feedback on your progress and can advise you when you are ready to take the CeMAP exam.

Attending a CeMAP course

There are several advantages to attending a CeMAP course. You are taught by experienced tutors who offer guidance and feedback on your progress.

Part of CeMAP training is roleplaying the mortgage advisor and their client. This gives students valuable insight into how it feels to be a mortgage advisor. If you are studying on your own or through distance learning, you could ask your friends and family to take part in roleplaying sessions, but you will miss the feedback from tutors and fellow students.

There is great benefit in learning with fellow students who are having a shared experience. Learning with others helps keep you motivated and inspired if learning gets difficult.

The best choice

The best way to study CeMAP is on a Beacon Financial Training CeMAP course. If due to personal circumstances you cannot attend a course, then distance learning is the next best option, particularly if you have a tutor to supplement your online studies. It is not recommended that you study on your own without a CeMAP course.

Talk about your training options with Beacon Financial Training. We are dedicated to making sure that you pass your CeMAP exams, and this is your first step to enjoying a rewarding mortgage adviser career.


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