What can you expect from your CeMAP training?

If you are interested in working within the financial services sector, you will certainly benefit from enrolling on one of the CeMAP courses available. If you would like to specialise as a mortgage adviser, you will be required to undertake CeMAP training. The qualification is recognised as being one of the leading awards in the industry, so your career will certainly prosper if you achieve this level of knowledge.

What is CeMAP?

The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice is a professional qualification that is necessary if you want to practice as a mortgage adviser. The standards of the qualification were set by the Financial Conduct Authority. CeMAP courses are designed to enable candidates to reach the high standards required to develop a career in financial services. The content of a CeMAP training course has been produced with the assistance of employers in the sector, so it is designed to reflect the requirements of the real world demands.

What type of learning will I be expected to undertake?

CeMAP training courses are generally available as classroom-based study or as e-learning, depending on your preferences. Classroom based study is popular with those who prefer hands on training, with a tutor available to answer questions. If you enjoy being able to discuss learning with others, classroom based study may be the best choice. If you are combining study with working full time, or other responsibilities, you may prefer e-learning so that you can study at times which suit you. You will still have access to a professional tutor, so you can gain from their expertise.

What does the CeMAP course consist of?

The CeMAP course is made up of three modules. The first module is an introduction to financial services, and studies the financial services sector and the products that are available, along with regulation. The second module concentrates on mortgages, from the background of law, markets and practices, to the applications, products, payment options and arrears. Module three looks at a case study, which will test the skills and knowledge that you have gained from the previous two modules. There will be practice questions and you may be given the option of taking past examination papers.

What next?

Once you have gained your CeMAP qualification, you will be able to build a career in the financial sector, gaining relevant and valuable experience. You will also be able to study for the Diploma in Mortgage Advice and Practice.



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