Can tech help advisors cope with demand surge?

Levels of activity and demand within the UK housing market have been surging over the past few months, regardless of the pandemic. This is great for mortgage advisors who want to further their careers and businesses, but it also puts pressure on them to keep pace. Fortunately, technology could provide a solution to this.

Tech is already a much bigger part of the lives of advisors, with the pandemic having moved much of their working lives online. Indeed, the upcoming generation will have had to find a CeMAP training company that offers online teaching just to get qualified. Now, they will need to apply that confidence with technology to tackling the rising demand from clients.

Many of the new clients they are attracting will have financial circumstances complicated by the pandemic, while the loan criteria offered by lenders is also becoming more complex. Tech tools for research can help advisors match the right mortgage or lender to each client more quickly, in a job where speed is vital. The best of these tools will also introduce advisors to specialist lenders that may have loans better suited to post-pandemic buyers.

Furthermore, it is not just in efficiently researching the best deals for clients that tech can help advisors cope with surging demand – it can also enable them to automate some of the routine application processes that eat up their valuable time and delay the completion of mortgage applications for clients.

Technology allows advisors to identify the best loans for their clients and complete cases more quickly and efficiently.


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