CeFA or CeMAP?

When people start to think about becoming qualified to work in the financial industry, becoming either a financial advisor or a mortgage advisor are probably the two most popular choices and require either the CeFA or the CeMAP training and qualification respectively.

If a person is lucky enough to already work or have experience of working within the financial industry, then some people are quite clear on which route they want to take, however, being a predominantly CeMAP and CeFA training company we do speak to many who are unsure and want a little guidance on which qualification they should study for.

Our advice is often to take the CeMAP / CeFA 1 course first. The CeMAP 1 and CeFA 1 exams and syllabus are exactly the same and so transferable. The CeMAP 1 or CeFA 1 training covers the financial services industry in general. When doing the course and the exams, many people find they have a liking and interest in the mortgages or the other areas of the syllabus and this often helps them to make their mind up. There are also many contacts they can talk to who can tell them more about the options open in either career and by taking the CeFA 1 or CeMAP 1 training course, the delegate is still keeping their options open.



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