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If you ask any mortgage advisor who has been working in the mortgage industry for any length of time about CeMAP 1, then they might go a little pale, or break into a sweat or even feel a little faint. They will invariably say how hard it was, how glad they are that they got through it and be thankful for the fact that they won’t have to do it again.

However, in our opinion, the reality is somewhat different. CeMAP 1 isn’t easy and it does include a lot of volume and content, but it probably doesn’t go into the same depth as CeMAP 2 and 3. The issues are very black and white and clear cut whereas sometimes with CeMAP 3 in particular, the issues can be more subjective.

There is no reason why students shouldn’t be as successful with CeMAP 1 as they are with the other two exams and many training companies are finding as much success these days with CeMAP 1 as for CeMAP 2 and CeMAP 3.

It is true though that students attempting to study CeMAP 1 via self study, may find it more difficult to understand and provide context for the learning materials. This is where the skills of the competent and experience specialist CeMAP trainer are vital. They can add the context to these difficult areas to help the student to discover comprehension and understanding.



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