CeMAP courses in London – convenient or expensive?

When you first look for CeMAP courses, London has a vast array of course providers in financial qualifications – especially the entry courses such as CeMAP or CeFA courses.

Despite this huge number of course providers, those wishing to do their CeMAP training should not feel that this is their only choice. There are a few reasons why there are so many courses in London – there are many financial companies in London looking for employees with these qualifications and so there are plenty of students looking for courses in London.

For those in the South of the UK, taking their CeMAP training in London is convenient – you can also combine it with one or nights out in the capital..

Many others prefer to take their training elsewhere in the UK as prices are frequently lower. Yet this does not mean the quality of the training is lower; those in London have to hire more expensive venues and pay more for catering or refreshments.

CeMAP training is available in major towns and cities all over the UK, in areas such as Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham – and of course, Scotland. When it comes to CeMAP training, Scotland deserves a special mention, because certain regulations are different in Scotland so if you intend to be a mortgage advisor working in Scotland it may be best to take your CeMAP training with a training company that has material adapted especially.

Distance learning is not for everyone, but is certainly cheaper – providing you get quality study materials that are up to date. Reputable companies should offer the choice of full time courses or home study.

When it comes to CeMAP training courses in London, you have to weigh up the balance between convenience and price.



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