CeMAP distance learning success rates

CeMAP course success rates – When potential delegates consider enrolling for a potential life-changing course such as the CeMAP, one question that is often on their minds is the success rate of the courses.  Many reputable training companies are lucky enough to see very high success rates on their full time courses, but when considered statistically, this could be considered quite normal because delegates have proven they are committed by taking the time off work and paying for the course, or alternatively, they have proven to their employer they are dedicated enough that the company will pay for their training.

However, distance learning poses a different scenario because it is not only cheaper but is easier to fail. This is not because the study materials are any different – in many cases a training company will use more or less exactly the same materials for a home study course than a full time course – but because it requires much more dedication.  When studying from home alone, there are more distractions from family, friends, television and more.

Providing a delegate puts the time and commitment in, there is no reason why a distance learning CeMAP course should have a different success rate to full time training.  Where possible, the student should ensure they enrol on a course that fulfils the following criteria:

  • Available in electronic format for convenience
  • Includes free tests from past questions, papers and mock exams
  • Includes some form of personal tutorial support, such as via email and telephone
  • Is updated regularly to keep in line with the latest CeMAP syllabus



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