CeMAP training and the steps to becoming a mortgage advisor

There are five steps to starting a new rewarding career as a mortgage advisor, so where does booking on a CeMAP training course fit in?

Step One: Find out if you want to be a mortgage advisor

Step one is to learn everything you can about the job of a mortgage advisor, what an advisor does, how they help people find the most suitable mortgage and communicate with estate agents, lenders and solicitors.

You also need have the personal qualities that make a good mortgage advisor. These include being a good communicator with the ability to explain complex information in a simple and clear way. An advisor needs to be honest and have knowledge of legal matters and regulations that cover the sale of financial products. Good maths and computer skills are essential.

Step Two: Choose a CeMAP course and book your place

After you have a good idea about what is involved in being a mortgage advisor and have decided that it’s the career for you, you need to book on a CeMAP training course in order to obtain the CeMAP qualification.

You can study for the CeMAP exams over two five-day intensive courses. Beacon Financial Training holds mortgage advisor courses in various UK locations.

If your work or family commitments make it difficult to take the time to attend the intensive courses, the next option is to learn online. This can be done with or without the assistance of a tutor, but a tutor is recommended as they are available should you wish to ask questions, and they can monitor your progress on the course. A distant learning courses can be completed at your own pace to fit in with your lifestyle.

Step Three: Revise for the exams

After you have booked your exams and completed the CeMAP training, you will need to revise what you have learned. The CeMAP exams cover a lot of knowledge areas, so as with any exam, it’s advisable to revise thoroughly, even if these means cutting back on your social life for a while.

Step Four: Pass the exams

The CeMAP exams take place at the same locations in which people sit their driving theory exam, so there is probably one in your area. The exams are done on a computer at a set time and date. You will need to arrive 15 minutes before the exam time to book in.

You will know within minutes after finishing the exam if you have passed. If you fail, don’t worry, as you can resit the exam at a later date.

Step Five: Apply for a mortgage advisor job

After you have been awarded the CeMAP qualification, you can apply for a job as a mortgage advisor. There are several types of organisations that employ mortgage advisors, including banks, estate agents, and independent financial advice businesses. You normally start at a junior level and work your way upwards.

For step two, look no further than Beacon Financial Training and the courses we offer across several locations in the UK.


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