CeMAP Training Course Materials

The rules and regulations in mortgages and financial services in general are always changing, almost every day. Therefore, the syllabus for the CeMAP qualification is also updated every year. When someone is looking to choose a CeMAP training company, they need to make sure that they choose a company that is up to speed with all these changes and when they take effect.

Beacon Financial Training are always at the forefront of this. They regularly review and revise their CeMAP training materials to make sure that they are absolutely up to date. This is why their training materials for all levels of CeMAP are used by many of our high street banks and building societies such as RBS/Nat West.

On 1 June 2018, all the new taxation rules that were introduced in April 2018 will then be examined within the CeMAP examinations. If you are discussing CeMAP training courses with CeMAP training companies, make sure to quiz them on this issue. You need to be using a company that is aware of these changes and has implemented them accurately and clearly within their CeMAP training course materials.

It is also important to be able to present the course materials in a clear, concise and engaging manner and so another tip for students would be to ask for a sample of the course materials. By doing this, you can also ensure it suits your learning style and you feel confident that you will be able to cope with the content.



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