CeMAP Training in Scotland

For those looking for CeMAP training in Scotland, you’ll find that there are differences in Scotland to the CeMAP training courses offered in the rest of the UK, in England and Wales. The reason that there are slight changes to the CeMAP syllabus in Scotland is because of the land law in Scotland.

Scottish property law is slightly different to that in England Wales, which means that the CeMAP exam for mortgage advisers in Scotland differs as well. The process of buying a property in Scotland is different from buying a property in England and Wales. One difference in Scotland for example is that under Scottish property law there is no ‘leasehold’.

Because of the differences to the property law in Scotland, the CeMAP training courses in Scotland are different to those in England in Wales. The bulk of the differences in the CeMAP courses in Scotland lie in the ‘CeMAP 2’ section of the syllabus.

It is often difficult to locate a CeMAP training company that offers CeMAP training targeted towards Scottish law, and they’re often more expensive when you do find them.



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