How CeMap training prepares you for a mortgage advisor career

CeMAP training gets you in good shape to pass the exam needed to acquire the CeMAP qualification, recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority as the minimum qualification required to start on the mortgage advisor career path. Furthermore, it develops the necessary skills to be a successful mortgage advisor.

Not just knowledge

A mortgage advisor requires a good knowledge of the mortgage market, the type of mortgages products available and the regulations that govern mortgages, but CeMAP training is about more than what you know. It also helps you acquire the personal skills that make a good mortgage advisor.


A mortgage advisor spends part of his or her time talking to people who need a mortgage, and this requires a high level of communication skills. Mortgages are complex financial products, so the mortgage advisor needs to be able to explain clearly and simply everything that the client needs to know about mortgage products.

A good communicator is also a good listener, noting their clients’ concerns and answering any questions they might have.

A mortgage advisor also has to liaise with estate agents, mortgage lenders and valuers. They need to be professional and effective at communicating with a wide spectrum of people.

A component of CeMAP training is roleplaying, where students take turns in playing the role of the mortgage advisor and their client. These exercises help students improve their customer service communication skills.


Financial products use numbers, since interest rates, fees, repayments, mortgage periods all involve them. A mortgage advisor does not need to be a maths genius, but they do need good numeracy skills. A CeMAP training course equips students to handle all the calculations involved in mortgages.


All financial organisations have databases to access customer records and mortgage product details. A mortgage advisor needs to be familiar with database systems and requires other computer skills such as emails, spreadsheets and word processing.

CeMAP training does not directly teach IT skills, it is expected that students will come to the course with basic IT knowledge. However, students will use IT equipment during the CeMAP training and will be able to ask related questions to their tutors.

Preparing for the job

As well as communicating knowledge about mortgage and financial products, a CeMAP course prepares students in what to expect from the day-to-day work as a mortgage advisor. In roleplay, students can get a taste of what they will do as a mortgage advisor.

Students will learn how to advise clients on the home buying process, explain the mortgage options, and help the borrower with the mortgage application process.

Most mortgage advisors have sales targets and must sell enough mortgage products to reach them. CeMAP training may not have sales targets, but the courses do teach students the skills required to successfully sell products.

Start your new career today

The first step to starting a career as a mortgage advisor is to take a CeMAP training course. Talk to Beacon Financial Training today about enrolling on CeMAP training.


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