CeRER vs. CeMAP – what’s the difference?

If you are planning a career as a mortgage advisor, you will need to become certified with a qualification approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to practice. There are multiple types of training courses available related to mortgage advice but two that you might come across are CeMAP and CeRER. In this blog, we’ll discuss each in turn so you can understand how they differ.

What is CeMAP?

The Certificate of Mortgage and Practice, often referred to simply as CeMAP is the essential starting point for all who wish to begin working an advisor. It is an industry-standard qualification recognised by the FCA and once complete, enables you to launch your career with a licence to practice.

Over three separate modules, students gain the expertise needed to advise customers on different mortgage products and the regulations governing the UK mortgage sector, along with the factors that impact customers’ financial plans.

Studies cover a range of topics, including the structure and purpose of the financial services industry, the FCA’s main aims, conduct rules, the house-buying process and the parties involved, different kinds of mortgages and customers, as well as how to assess suitability and affordability.

What makes CeRER different?

The Certificate in Regulated Equity Release is an advanced qualification you can obtain after acquiring your CeMAP that enhances your skills set as an advisor.

While CeMAP gives you the essential skills to practice as an advisor, CeRER allows you to gain specialist knowledge that helps you understand your client’s needs and how to advise on the multiple product types for equity release and their associated risks.

There are several topics covered in a CeRER qualification. The effects of equity release schemes and the FCA’s regulatory explanation of a home reversion plan and a lifetime mortgage are just a couple. Other topics that are covered include ways to match equity release product types to customer needs, affordability and suitability of equity release schemes, how to assess risks taxation and state benefit rules and the disadvantages and advantages of the different equity release arrangements available.

CeRER and CeMAP training

Whether you are looking to acquire a firm foundation in your new profession with a CeMAP course or build on your current career path by becoming an expert on equity release with a CeRER qualification, we can help. At Beacon Financial Training, we offer a wide range of courses to suit your specific requirements. Get in touch with our dedicated team today and explore your options.


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