C&G may not close

Lloyds is reportedly considering a review of the earlier decision to close all the Cheltenham & Gloucester branches.  The decision to close the C&G branches was made in June, which would see 164 branches close and 833 jobs lost.

The plan was that the branches should close in November this year but whilst Lloyds reviews its decision the firm has announced the branches will stay open for the time being.

The Unite union has stated that although it does welcome the news, its members are understandably angry at the way this has been so poorly managed.  The union’s national officer Rob MacGregor stated:

“Unite is satisfied that the Lloyds Banking Group has finally acknowledged that the decision to close the Cheltenham and Gloucester branch network was ill-considered.”

He did also add:

“today’s announcement comes with no warning and will make the workforce wonder whether their bosses have any long-term strategy for the future of the bank”.

Lloyds has stated:

“customers will continue to use the C&G network as usual.  All affected colleagues have been briefed by their line manager.”

Lloyds bought C&B in 1997.  The Government took at 43 per cent stake in Lloyds in October 2008 and the June decision to close C&G was made amidst a period of great overhaul in the loan and mortgage sections of Lloyds.



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