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Choosing the right provider of CeMAP training

A Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice is the ideal qualification for those who want to become mortgage consultants, offering financial advice to members of the public. These days, there are various providers offering  tuition and it can be difficult deciding which one to choose.

Quality of training is crucial

When looking at the various CeMAP courses on offer, the quality of the training may differ, which means that trainees are not always getting the same value for their money. In order to evaluate a provider it is vital to ask about the experience and qualifications of the tutors. The right provider will have tutors who have many years of teaching experience, and who are fully qualified to carry out CeMAP training.

When looking into a provider’s track record, there should be a high percentage of candidates passing the CeMAP exams and it is also helpful if the courses are comprehensive, so that learners do not need prior qualifications. Course content should be up to date and made easy to understand, ideally using examples of past exam questions to fully prepare candidates to pass first time round.

Cost and convenience are two important considerations

The cost of CeMAP training does not always reflect the quality of the provider, and some of the best providers may offer quite affordable prices. When weighing up costs, it is always important to ask whether exam fees are included in any quoted price. It is also worth considering how large the study groups will be. The number of students in each training group can make a great difference to the overall quality of training. Smaller groups may be better for learning, as they can enable tutors to give individual students more attention. As a rule, the best providers will make sure that individual groups are not overcrowded.

For convenience, it is better if a CeMAP training venue lies within reasonable travelling distance. Some providers offer courses in more than one location, making it more likely that there will be one nearby. In some cases, providers may even offer the option to study at home, which may suit those who live in more remote areas.

What support is available after the course?

Although the best providers of CeMAP training will have relatively few unsuccessful candidates, life is never completely predictable. It is vital to ask what will happen in the worst case scenario, when an exam is failed. Some providers give an option to resit any failed exams free of charge, and some even offer this in the form of a guarantee, so that a positive outcome is assured once the course has been paid for.

Even after successfully completing CeMAP training, some people may feel daunted by the challenge of finding work, and the right provider will have a system in place that continues to give support. This support may well draw on established industry contacts and could include help in making career choices, plus assistance in finding a job in the mortgage industry, whether that is as part of an established firm or as a freelance consultant.



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