Customer retention tech for advisors launched by Primis

The Primis Mortgage Network has announced the launch of a new tech service that is designed to help member advisors hold onto their clients.

This service is called ‘Retain’, and it was created by Eligible, a software firm. Primis will be linking up with Eligible and, as a result of their partnership, those advisors who have signed up to the Primis network will be provided with full access to the service. Retain gets in touch with a client automatically every time there is a reason to do so, for as long as they are repaying their mortgage, to ensure lines of communication stay open.

Eligible is stating that it also provides the client with communications that are customised to their personal situation. Thus, for example, someone who is paying a mortgage on a first home would receive different communications to one who is remortgaging.

Speaking to FT Adviser, Primis’ Proposition Director, Vikki Jefferies, said that:

“Tools that save time and drive client retention are an asset to any advisor – particularly those looking to grow their business – and this is exactly what our partnership with Eligible will provide our AR firms with more of.”

Rameez Zafar from Eligible added that the platform it has created frees up more time for advisors to concentrate on securing new clients.

One reason that many advisors opt to work with big networks after they complete their CeMAP mortgage advisor qualification is that doing so gives them access to the latest tech tools.


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