Demand for CeMAP training to rise

It has been difficult to predict how the credit crunch and the onset of this global recession would affect the CeMAP training market and it has been at time surprising to see that the number of delegates on CeMAP courses has remained consistent.  However, the signs are now there that the demand for such training courses is set to rise over the next twelve months.

We have all been reading in the media and it has been reported on this site that the number of repossessions is predicted to rise, the cost of fixed rate mortgages is already increasing and borrowers do not know where to turn as 16,000 mortgages are refused each month.

With an aging population, reverse mortgages are being used for different purposes than originally anticipated and many already qualified mortgage advisors are taking their CeRER training in order to cope with the demand they are seeing.

Borrowers need to be able to speak to independent mortgage advisors to discover the vast range of mortgages still available to them even now and find the one mortgage needle in a haystack that will suit their circumstances.  More importantly, to head off the potential repossessions, they need to get that advice sooner rather than later to minimise their costs and maximise their equity.

Those looking for a career that will thrive in the next few years and will always be needed as long as people want their own roof over their heads may want to consider CeMAP training.



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