Designing a child’s bedroom

When you buy your dream home, thoughts inevitably turn to decoration and furnishings. When buying a new home, decorating a child’s room before the other rooms in the home can give them added security, especially if they have had some input into the décor.

Children very often have a favourite character or theme, but try to keep furniture featuring these themes to just accessories such as lampshades, rugs and bedding. This is because your child will eventually move on from that character or theme and it could turn out to be expensive to replace everything. Therefore, you should stick to a neutral colour scheme, with accessories for an easily changeable look.

Blackout blinds will prevent the early morning sun streaming into their room and waking your child early. This will ensure that your child gets sufficient sleep, and also allows you the occasional lie in.

Make it easier for a child to keep their room tidy, by including lots of storage options. Storage boxes are a good idea, in addition to cupboards and shelves.

If possible buy a bed which has a pull-out mattress or bed beneath it, so that when they want a sleepover, you will have the extra bed handy. Don’t forget to buy a cushion or some extra bedding with the current theme so that guests don’t feel left out.

Getting the most suitable mortgage with the help of a CeMAP qualified mortgage adviser, will ensure that you have sufficient funds available every month to gradually redecorate your new home.



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