Do I have to do my CeMAP or CeFA training in London?

Whenever somebody starts to look for financial training courses, especially the entry level qualifications to get you into the industry in the first place such as CeMAP or CeFA training, there always seems to be a wealth of such courses in London or the London area.

There is certainly no reason why you should have to do the CeMAP or CeFA training courses in London – there are many more courses in London because of the number of related companies there that take on employees with these qualifications. Companies can also charge more for courses in London – although they do have a need to do this as costs of maintaining or hiring a venue in London are higher than elsewhere in the country.

However, you might find it beneficial to do your training outside of London – it’s cheaper and providing you have somewhere to stay, perhaps with a friend in Manchester, Birmingham or Liverpool for instance you will save money.

Home study courses are also far cheaper with the added benefit that you can study for them at your own pace and in your own time – a reputable company will offer both home study CeMAP and CeFA courses as well as full time intensive courses. At Beacon Financial Training, we even offer you the full cost of the home study course off the full time training courses later for whatever reason. Occasionally, someone will find that they just don’t have the motivation to study from home – or partners, children or other interruptions won’t let them!

CeFA and CeMAP courses in London are a great idea if they’re local to you and you don’t mind paying a little extra, but there are other places and methods of study to consider that will help you save money whilst studying.



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