Does the course follow the syllabus?

When you are looking at CeMAP training, CeFA courses or studying for the CeRER exam, whatever the course may be, then it is important that you find a training company that is experienced in getting delegates through these exams.

Every course should follow the syllabus and should have been put together with the latest syllabus in mind.  In the case of CeMAP, CeRER or CeFA this is particularly important because the syllabus is updated twice a year and an out of date course means you could miss out on vital points in the exam.

At Beacon Financial Training, we update our course materials immediately following a syllabus change and make sure it is clear.  Our instructors are all ex-teachers so are used to the ways different people learn and know how to explain things clearly, using diagrams or memory aid methods to help people not just learn the syllabus parrot-fashion but to actually understand it, which is much more important.  If you understand the material, then you will take it with you for as long as you need to and this is invaluable for any potential employer.

There are no set time limits for taking the exams, you can take them straight after the course or wait for a while if you wish to.



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