Don’t panic! Top 10 tips for the day of the exam

So, today’s the day? You’ve spent the last few months with your head buried in textbooks, absorbing the information contained within. You’ve implemented and followed your study plan to the letter, and now the time has arrived. There is no more time to complete practice papers, or re read through the CEMAP study book – it is the day of the end exam.

You can no longer influence the effectiveness of your study, but there are still things that you can do to influence and impact the outcome and end result of your CeMAP exam.

Overall, the most important thing is to remain calm. Keep focused on your end goal, which is to gain a pass in the exam that will enable you to move forward with your career as a mortgage advisor. It will allow you to interview customers and professionally and transparently assess their mortgage needs and make the relevant recommendation.

It will become the foundation of your career, and a key part of your continued success within the mortgage field. Here are some practical steps to follow:

1) On the day of the exam, wake up early, but not ridiculously early. Allow sufficient time to have breakfast, get ready and arrive at the exam venue in a calm and prepared fashion.

2) Double check the time and venue of the exam, to ensure that you leave enough time to get there and that you are going to the right place. Some people choose to do a quick practice trip the day before, to ensure they know where they are going.

3) Choose a healthy, balanced breakfast, and fuel your mind with a healthy choice such as a banana.

4) Run through everything you will need during the exam, which could include appropriate ID, stationery and a calculator, and exam details. Make sure you don’t forget to take anything with you.

5) Leave ample travel time to allow for traffic, and find a suitable parking place. Unexpected situations can occur, which could delay your journey. You don’t want to be rushing and stressing unnecessarily.

6) Make sure that you go to the toilet before the exam, so that you don’t waste any time or negatively affect your concentration.

7) If possible , don’t surround yourself with anyone who is nervous or panicked. You don’t want the negative energy to rub off on you.

8) It’s a simple one, but one that many forget. Put your name on the top of the paper straight away.

9) Before you start the exam, have a quick read through the questions, and mentally plan how much time to leave in order to answer them before the exam ends.

10) There is no exam requirement to answer the questions on order. If you are certain about an answer, fill those ones in to start. What’s more, you should use the exam time efficiently. If you have answered all of the questions and still have time left, revisit the paper and review your answers before finally submitting.

The most important thing is to remain calm. You have dedicated the required study time, and taken all necessary steps in preparation of the actual end exam. Good luck!



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