Eight ways to operate effectively as a mortgage advisor

The role of a mortgage broker is a competitive one, best suited to those with the drive to meet and exceed targets. From beating your personal best to reaping the benefits of bonuses after sealing a deal for your clients, these important points can steer your career towards success:

1. Complete your CeMAP training

Study hard and read around your subject. CeMAP mortgage advisor training has been designed to give practising brokers an in-depth understanding of their sector and expert skills to serve their clients’ needs. From finding the most suitable mortgage products to completing the application process, CeMAP studies will stand you in good stead for a fruitful career.

2. Conduct your homework to provide multiple options

All buyers are unique. With different financial situations, they will also have their own unique requirements for housing. Understand these circumstances fully and locate the mortgage products available to match their needs. While buyers must make the ultimate decision, it is up to you to provide them with options and offer guidance on the best solution for their situation.

3. Respond swiftly to client communications

Purchasing property can be a stressful business. Understanding this, ensure you answer emails and phone calls promptly to avoid adding to this anxiety. Clients will appreciate your willingness to offer updates, even at times when no news is yet available. Knowing their advisor is in control can keep understandable tensions minimal, leading to a smoother and more stress-free process.

4. Never gloss over the details

While sometimes complex, it is crucial that advisors always fully explain any fees, services and loans to clients to ensure they understand the offers presented and their financial implications. Total transparency is an absolute must for building successful client-broker relationships.

5. Keep loans within your buyer’s affordability

You must always act in your client’s interest rather than your own – it’s important to never push them into a situation they are uncomfortable with or cannot cope with financially.

6. Never rush your buyer

Always remain patient with clients and don’t attempt to rush their decision making. Remember, buyers often consult a variety of lenders and brokers, so avoid the temptation to move on to another client and ensure you are always available when required.

7. Remain open and ready for questions

It’s understandable that clients making a financial investment involving hundreds of thousands of pounds will have much to ask. Always remain informed, patient and able and willing to answer any question they ask of you. While managing expectations is a must, a successful mortgage advisor is always honest and entirely upfront with those they secure loans for.

8. Showcase your successes

A mortgage advisor is a person of trust whom clients must share their most personal and financial details with. It can assist buyers in feeling safer if you can provide past deals that successfully awarded mortgages to buyers. Displaying your CeMAP certification in your offices or adding the abbreviation after your name can put clients at ease, as can showing them testimonials from your satisfied customers.


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