Electronic identity verification tool launched by Mortgage Magic

Mortgage Magic has announced it is launching a new solution that will enable advisors to verify the identities of their clients electronically.

It will be accessible to advisors who use the Mortgage Magic system for sourcing products and completing applications. The tool is intended to allow them to carry out identity verification procedures digitally, saving them a lot of time and effort. Mortgage Magic has also indicated that the solution will be made available to other platforms that offer product sourcing and customer relationship management (CRM) by means of an API.

This further adds to the Mortgage Magic offer, with the platform already providing advisors with a CRM system built into it, as well as secure, GDPR-compliant document storage and direct messaging options. The stated aim of Mortgage Magic is to be a one-stop shop for all stages of the mortgage process.

One of its directors, Tanjir Sugar, told Financial Reporter that the platform was an all-in-one online solution designed to enable advisors to maximise the efficiency of their businesses. He then went on to say that:

“A key part of the process is clearly the verification of client ID, which needs to be robust and accurate at the same time as being quick and easy.”

Sugar concluded by saying that Mortgage Magic had developed its own electronic ID system after realising that such options did not exist elsewhere.

From online CeMAP training courses to tools like this for making standard procedures easier, tech is redefining the working lives of advisors.


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