Green mortgage search filter added by Moneyfacts

Moneyfacts has announced that mortgage advisors who use its Analyser tool to search for mortgage products will now be able apply filters to bring up green mortgages.

This filter will apply to both buy-to-let and residential loans and the system currently has 302 green mortgages of the former type and 525 of the latter kind. Demand for this type of mortgage loan has been rising among the public during the past few months, as awareness of issues relating to the environment becomes more mainstream than it once was.

Lenders have responded to that by launching green products that offer advantageous terms for properties that are more energy efficient, as well as providing cash that can be deployed in making properties more environmentally friendly.

A recent study by Natwest found that making their homes more energy efficient is a priority for most homeowners. This is likely being driven partly by climate awareness, but also by rising energy costs. Furthermore, research has found that energy efficient properties generate higher selling prices.

Speaking to Mortgage Strategy, Darren Cook from Moneyfacts stated that green products were becoming more central to the mortgage industry, before adding:

“This latest update to our residential and BTL Mortgage Analysers is another innovation that combines the ability to perform market-leading detailed searches, state-of-the-art analysis, and expert comparison reporting.”

The ability to find green mortgage products more efficiently is something that any advisor with a CeMAP qualification will be able to see the advantage of, with environmental awareness among clients on the rise.


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