Green mortgage team up for Twenty7Tec and Iress

The Twenty7Tec and Iress sourcing systems are both set to add filters to their searches highlighting green mortgage products, after advisors urged them to make these easier to find.

At the moment, Twenty7Tec states that it expects to have this filter available by the final quarter of the year, while Iress has indicated that it hopes to launch it before the close of 2021. When they do launch, they will not be entirely unique, as the new Sourcing Brain product sourcing system from Mortgage Brain offers advisors green mortgage filters, should they require them.

Green mortgages are starting to become more common among major mortgage lenders, as the past 12 months have brought a significant increase in the numbers of them available on the market. This reflects an awareness of greater consumer environmental concern.

With around 157 of these mortgages out there, advisors are arguing that help is needed to find them, so that they can recommend them to clients. Twenty7Tec and Iress state that their filtering systems will provide that help, and that lenders who opt to get into green mortgages could gain a business advantage as a result.

Speaking to Mortgage Solutions, an Iress spokesperson went on to add that, when using its filter system, advisors will have the option of either bringing up only those products in their searches or of excluding them from the searches.

Even after a CeMAP mortgage advisor qualification has been secured, advisors must be aware of changes in consumer behaviour, like the increasing environmental awareness that the rise of green products points to.


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