Home study CeMAP for a new career

Those looking to self study for their CeMAP are often torn between taking valuable holiday time off from work or taking a distance learning CeMAP course. There are of course pros and cons to each method of study, but distance learning can be incredibly advantageous for those looking to save money. Before you sign up to any home study course, consider the below points.

The Company

Points you should check about the company offering the course include things like how long they will allow you to do the course. If the firm doesn’t restrict the timescale, then this is great but the syllabus is updated twice a year – so will they update your materials for you if you wish?

Is there any support if you get stuck? Being home study, some firms offer none at all but the best will offer limited telephone or email support should you need it.


The success rate of CeMAP distance learning courses – or any home study course – depends largely upon the individual.

Are you self-disciplined enough to make sure you study the materials even when life isn’t going so well? It becomes very difficult to maintain momentum if you have to keep taking week long breaks between study times.

Do you have a place at home or elsewhere where you can study in peace? If you’ll be studying at home, make sure you have the support of your family – especially if you have children; they need to understand that you need to study, even if it’s just for short periods at a time.



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