How long is CeMAP valid for?

Those investing in a Certificate of Mortgage and Practice (CeMAP) course will be pleased to know that they will see a sound return for their money. The regulatory qualification, which is deemed a requirement to practice as a mortgage advisor by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is presently valid for an indefinite period.

As a result, once would-be brokers have completed their CeMAP studies and sat all their module exams, they will have the certification necessary to provide expert advice in mortgages and the products that relate to them for as long as they desire. However, there are some important points to for course candidates to consider.

A qualification you can retain

Unlike many other types of qualification, where every few years people must re-sit examinations, with CeMAP this is not required. Whether a student chooses to conduct their CeMAP training at home with an online course, by participating in a live webinar or in a traditional classroom environment, upon completion they will receive certification and the legal right to work as an advisor.

The three different levels of CeMAP ensure that advisors in training obtain an excellent understanding of their chosen field. While topics taught include handling clients and completing applications, best practices and legislation are also covered. CeMAP course syllabuses are updated annually, ensuring that they include any amendments to laws related to the financial sector and those practicing. As a result, the information imparted to students is always current, making certain that their knowledge remains up to date.

Keeping your knowledge valid

While CeMAP training can equip brokers with the knowledge and skills they require to operate as a professional mortgage advisor, the studying never stops for those who select this career path. Year-to-year legislation and regulations may be updated by the government and the FCA, and the mortgage products that are available to property buyers are constantly altering and evolving too. Consequently, every successful mortgage broker must be constantly revising their knowledge to keep it current so they can provide the highest standard of advice to their clients, and remain on the right side of the law.

CeMAP training courses to suit your needs

At Beacon Financial Training, we offer a wide range of CeMAP study courses taught by expert professionals. If you’re ready to invest in a comprehensive education in Mortgage and Practice, contact our friendly team today to explore the options available.


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