How long will it take me to pass the CeMAP/CeFA exams?

How long it will take to study and pass the CeMAP or the CeFA exams could be a question of how long is a piece of string, but it does come down to a few factors:

Firstly, are you studying using the home study method or the full time training course?  Full time training courses are naturally faster, but not everyone has the time.  Home study is of course slower but you learn at your own pace.  Each home study course has an estimated number of hours but when you can fit them in is up to you and it will also depend on how quickly you read.

How quickly do you absorb information and how do you learn?  Some people learn better from visual demonstrations such as diagrams, some like to make notes and some like to periodically go back over their study material to refresh their memory.

On the full time courses, many people are able to go straight out and take the exam after the one week but most prefer to take 7 to 10 days to digest and revise first.

On our home study courses, many people get through the material and take the exam in around 6-8 weeks, but others have been known to take 10 months.  This timing depends on home circumstances and motivation.  We offer assistance for those who need to speak to someone or perhaps have some email support, which many other courses do not offer.

Another factor we have noticed is the background people have.  Sometimes those with no background at all grasp things faster as they have no preconceptions whereas some people have experience of certain areas and this helps them.

The CeMAP and CeFA exams are not a fast and easy option that you can study for and take the exam in just one week from home, but with the right application and teaching methods, you can pass the exams quickly and more importantly, understand the material for future use.



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