How to become a professional mortgage broker

It’s no wonder that many people choose to become a mortgage broker, considering experienced advisors can command salaries of over £70,000 per annum. Even at entry level, starting salaries can be around £22,000, and this is before the many perks and incentives are added that practising advisors also enjoy. While you may end up working some evenings and weekends to serve your clients competently, the role can be exceptionally rewarding for ambitious individuals keen to beat their personal best and those who feel satisfied helping others achieve their dreams.

In the next few sections, we’ll look at the career path you’ll follow if you choose to become a broker and the ways you can progress and become more proficient in your selected profession.

Taking your first step to a new career with CeMAP mortgage advisor training

If you’re prepared to put in the time, study hard and read around your subject, you can gain the qualification you need to become a mortgage broker through a dedicated training course.

A Certificate of Mortgage and Practice (CeMAP) is a qualification specifically designed to give professional brokers the skills they need to give expert advice to those in the market for a mortgage. Recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the qualification allows brokers to legally practice their profession here in the UK and to append their names with these credentials.

Split into three levels, CeMAP courses, once complete, equip would-be brokers with an extensive skillset, from handling client’s expectations to understanding the in-depth application processes involved. A respected qualification, the letters “CeMAP” after a broker’s name are a sign of distinction, displaying their detailed knowledge and abilities of advising and arranging mortgages for clients.

Although all individuals will learn at different speeds, depending on their strengths, the recommended time to successfully complete your CeMAP training in is approximately 230 hours in total. If you are undistracted with other duties, this can equate to as little as six months of your time.

After completion of your CeMAP course

Once qualified, you must register as an approved broker with the FCA. You can develop your career and enjoy opportunities for networking, along with having the opportunity to join the Chartered Banker Institute, the Chartered Insurance Institute and The London Institute of Banking and Finance.

You will be able to choose between gaining experience working in-house at a bank or building society or cutting a new path for yourself as a freelance and independent advisor. Many specialist broker firms will hire self-employed mortgage brokers on a temporary basis, and this can be an ideal way to receive the best of both worlds, maintaining your freedom while making contacts and learning from seasoned professionals.

Specialists in CeMAP training

At Beacon Financial Training, our CeMAP study courses have been cleverly developed to be comprehensive yet flexible, allowing for all rates of learning in students. Easy to comprehend, our course materials are combined with professional tuition to help students achieve success and become professional brokers with a prosperous career. Contact our team today to get started.


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