How to cope with common online training problems

A lot of financial services training have gone digital at the moment, as the sector tries to cope with the Covid-19 outbreak. That means if you are taking a CeMAP mortgage advisor course, you will have to do so online. There can be some issues with online training, but it is possible to overcome each of them.

First of all, there is the matter of dealing with the technological aspect. If you are only really familiar with traditional learning at a training centre where you take notes and listen during lectures and speak to tutors at arranged times, it can be hard to cope with the online model. This will require you to deal with teaching materials using different media formats and to become more flexible in your approach. The best way to get over this is to be open minded and to remember that you can ask your tutor for help whenever you need it.

A second problem can be the way in which many employers view qualifications gained through digital learning. These can sometimes be treated with greater scepticism simply because online training is still fairly new. Making sure that you are getting your CeMAP qualification from a training provider that is industry recognised should solve this.

Finally, there is the issue of managing your time effectively. Doing your financial training online offers more flexibility to study when convenient, but can also make it tempting to delay completing assignments. The solution is to put together a study calendar and to-do lists, to keep on top of commitments.


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