How to study at home effectively

When undertaking any kind of qualification, it is important to consider what you want to get out of it. There will always be a certain amount of study material that needs to be covered.

When you undertake your CeMAP training as you progress towards becoming a qualified mortgage advisor, it is important to plan your study to maximise your learning and potential for success.

Whether you are completing your training within a learning setting, or entirely through a home study course, you need to consider how you will revise with the material at home. Try and designate a study area that is kept tidy and free from clutter, away from noise and distraction, and is the right temperature.

First things first

Draw up a study plan. This will make sure that you cover all study areas with adequate time to read through and learn. Devise a structured study plan to keep you on track, and celebrate your progress as you go.

Stick to the course layout, as often the modules follow and relate to each other, making learning it easier.

Take breaks

When studying, make sure you take regular breaks. This keeps your mind fresh and focused, and allows you to refuel with a drink or snack if needed. Aim to take a break from your studies at least once every hour, just for five minutes, even if you only have a couple of hours free to study.

Don’t study in silence (unless that is your preferred method of learning)

Everyone learns at different paces and in different ways, and whilst some people prefer total silence in order to study, others are more comfortable and relaxed with the radio playing gently in the background.


Make other members of the household aware of your study plan, so that they know when not to interrupt you. Ensure your mobile phone is off to prevent unnecessary distractions, and don’t keep checking your emails during allocated study period. It can waste time and break your concentration.

Here are some further top tips to consider:

• Regularly review your study plan
• Organise your study materials, so that you know where everything is
• If you feel you are not taking in a particular topic, leave it and revisit when you are feeling more refreshed

You also need to maintain a positive approach. Keeping yourself positive and motivated when studying at home will be instrumental in your success, and don’t forget to ask for additional help or support if you feel it is needed.



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