How to study for the CeMAP exams at home

There are CeMAP training courses in Leeds, London, Manchester and other major cities held throughout the year. You may not be able to take a few days off to attend one of these courses or to arrange childcare whilst you attend, but there is an alternative way of studying CeMAP – taking a distance learning course at home.

Why you need CeMAP training

If you want to become a mortgage advisor and provide assistance on mortgage products, the CeMAP qualification meets the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) standards for people giving financial advice.

Areas covered

There are several areas covered by online CeMAP training. These include the purpose of the UK financial services industry and how it is structured, how the housebuying process works, the different types of mortgages and how to assess a borrower’s affordability. The course also covers the regulations and legal requirements for financial products,


If you are in a hurry, then the two-part intensive training that takes place over 10 days will prepare you for the CeMAP exam within weeks. For someone with a very busy job or family commitments, it can be difficult to spare the time to do an intensive course.

With online training, you do the course at your own pace to fit in with your lifestyle. It could take you weeks or months to be ready for the CeMAP exams. Compared to many other training courses, even if it takes you six months to complete the course, this is not a long time.

Add a tutor

The Beacon Financial Training distance learning course comes with the option of a tutor to communicate with by email and telephone. This option is highly recommended as your tutor can answer any questions or clarify things you are not sure about.

One of the difficulties that many online learners find is that at times, working on your own can be a struggle and lead to lack of motivation. On a full-time course, your fellow students can help you. When learning online, your tutor can help you keep motivated and make sure that your study plan is on track.


An online course is cheaper than a full-time intensive course, even with the added extra of using a tutor to help you.

Who is it for?

A distance CeMAP course is suitable for anyone over 17 who wants a career as a mortgage advisor. Although you need no formal qualifications to enrol on a course, it helps to have a good grasp of English and maths. You will also need access to a computer and have a fair level of IT skills. Above all, you should be highly interested in learning to be a mortgage advisor.

Book your course today

You can book and start your Beacon Financial Training Distance Learning course today. The course material is very clear and easy to understand and is an excellent way to prepare you for the CeMAP exam – the first step to having a successful mortgage advisor career.


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