How to use exercise to your advantage when studying for CeMAP

When you make a decision to pursue a career as a mortgage advisor, there are a few things to factor in and take into consideration. What do you currently do? Have you looked at the roles and responsibilities, attitudes and behaviours that you need to be able to demonstrate?

In order to work in the capacity of a mortgage advisor, you need to be prepared to undertake some study in order to pass the CeMAP exams, which are a minimum regulatory requirement. It is recommended that you commit around 200 hours of study time, and as you are unable to advise customers on the best mortgage deal without it, it’s important to tackle the study head on and incorporate healthy eating and exercise to maximise your brain power.

There is often a feeling that ‘cramming’ as much study into as short a space of time as possible is the winning formula. However, sitting at a desk or table for hours on end, without taking a break, can actually be unconstructive as you may lose focus, struggle to concentrate and become disheartened with your progress.

As well as being good for your health and general wellbeing, exercise can also have a positive impact on your mental state. Incorporating a small amount of exercise into your daily routine can help you feel focused, motivated and energised.

Starting off

Make sure you have suitable clothing – something comfortable and not too restrictive that you can move about in. Thin layers are good, in case you get too warm.

Wear footwear appropriate for the activity you are doing, and take it at a pace appropriate for your current level of fitness.

Keep it simple

You don’t need to splash out large amounts of cash on sportswear, fancy footwear and expensive gym memberships; simply begin by incorporating exercise into your daily routine. You could also skip the lift and take the stairs instead. If you have a bike, go for a bike ride with a friend. Further, you could buy or even rent an exercise DVD to do in the comfort of your own home

If you are heading out on a night out, have fun and keep in shape by dancing. Alternatively, plan a power walk or short jog, gradually increasing over time as your fitness levels increase.

The exam itself

Having built in a healthy balanced diet and additional exercise, you should hopefully have completed your study plan, feeling focused and motivated. Breaking up study periods to get a drink or snack, or stretch your legs, should mean that as your exam date approaches you feel ready to tackle the challenge, sit the paper and achieve the pass grade that will let you take the next step in your new career.

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before, so that you wake feeling refreshed and, dependant on the time of your exam, make sure you have had enough to eat to keep your brain fuelled. Leave enough time to get to the venue, take a deep breath, and step through the door ready to progress your career.



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