How to utilise distance learning

Once you have decided that you wish to work within the mortgage industry, the next step to focus on is the attainment of the appropriate accreditation.

It is a regulatory requirement that you obtain a pass grade (minimum 70%) in the CeMAP exams. How you study will depend on your personal circumstances, and often your employer.

Some employers will pay for the training and for you to attend a residential training course, where you will learn the syllabus in small groups and be coached through a structured training plan. Others may cover the cost of study materials and the end exam, and you need to draw up and follow your own timetable of study. It may even be that you have proactively initiated the CeMAP training to help provide a platform to the next stage of your career.

Whatever path you have taken, there will be an element of study to be completed at home, and it is important to utilise your time available to get the most from your studies and obtain that all-important pass mark at the end.

Time management

Key to your success when choosing distance learning is the appropriate management of time. Often, people have to structure their study around existing family and work commitments. You often have additional support from an online tutor, who will be there to help keep you on track, but it is vital that you take ownership of your studies. Plan in deadlines for subject areas, and try to keep focus and avoid other household distractions.

Friends and family

Talk to friends and family members about your studies and what you are hoping to achieve. They can help to support you if they know what you are up to. Distance learning doesn’t have to feel lonely; whilst you may not be sat in a room with others, there are online forums you can visit for support and to share best practice ideas.

Plan achievable and realistic goals

When setting your timetable of study, be realistic. Break the study modules down, ensure that you cover the syllabus and complete any tasks or end of module practise questions. For each week of study, assess the other commitments that you have planned; can any be rearranged to provide more study time,? If not, be realistic with what you plan to achieve that week.

Studying for your CeMap exam is by no means easy, but there are things that you can do to make the learning process more efficient and effective. By taking the time before you start to absorb the syllabus and what you will be learning, you can plan a robust study timetable. By reviewing your existing work and family commitments, you can maintain control over your study, as well as a balance with your existing lifestyle.

The feeling of achievement when you pass the end exam will make all of the hard work and determination worthwhile. As you then step forward with your new career choice, you will be qualified and competent in advising your future customers on the most suitable mortgage deals, whilst complying with current regulation.



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