How training for a new qualification can enhance your career

Studying for qualifications doesn’t stop once you leave school. In fact, it may increase as you decide on

the right career path for you. Although studying can be hard work, there are many benefits from achieving the right qualifications.

Gaining a professional qualification indicates your competence and commitment to your particular chosen sector. By achieving a particular standard of qualification within the sector you are also demonstrating your willingness to develop and build your skills, becoming one of the best in your chosen field. To gain sustainable employment, a candidate must have the appropriate level of knowledge and confidence to be able to excel in the workplace. In addition to a qualification in the theory of a particular subject, students also gain practical knowledge and experience while studying, setting them ahead of other students.

Increased confidence is also desirable in candidates for jobs, and achieving your chosen qualification will certainly provide a boost. For instance, if you are training to be a mortgage adviser, studying for the CeMAP course will help to develop knowledge, interpersonal skills and increase confidence when dealing with clients.

According to a study conducted by the Institute of Directors, 97 per cent of employers believe that qualifications lead to employees who are better trained, while 88 per cent say that qualifications improve the motivation of staff. There are many benefits of studying for relevant qualifications to employers and their staff, making the investment of time and money worth it.



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